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mazda6 for sale in kelowna bcMazda6 sedans are among the best options in class when it comes to balancing fuel efficiency and power. Used Mazda6s offer several engine choices. 

New models, such as the 2018 Mazda6, use proprietary Skyactiv engines. These 2.5L I-4s are fuel efficient, but they have a design that gives them more muscle than other comparatively-sized motors. The 2014 Maxda6, for example, has a 13:1 compression ratio, which provides 184 horsepower and an economy of 6.2 L/100 km on the highway. 

Older models, such as the 2009 Mazda6, rely on a more conventional form of power: the V6. Sedans from this model year use a 3.7L engine that offers 272 horsepower.

If you want to decide which Mazd6 is best for your needs and driving style, contact our Kelowna, BC dealership for more information.