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2021 mazda cx-5 gx in kelowna bcWhen it comes to SUVs, no one ever said that they had to be boring to look at. That’s a good thing too because the new 2021 Mazda CX-5 GX is anything but dull. Your kids will not be embarrassed to hop inside this beauty.

Riding on 17-inch alloy wheels with a dark grey high-lustre metallic finish, this crossover is available in eight unique shades. The traditional Japanese Kudo body style was designed to reflect light and shadows which gives the vehicle a sense of motion even when it is standing still. Taking inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic, this five-seater is quite captivating.

To gain access to the cabin, a programmable power liftgate is included. This features height-adjustable sensors located on both the left and ride sides which helps to prevent cargo items from getting caught. At the end of a long workday, it’s things like this that make running errands go a lot smoother.

Would you like to get the full experience of driving a new Mazda CX-5? Our experts are happy to make that happen! Contact our team at August Mazda today to take one out for a spin.