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BC Drivers: 2021 Mazda3 100th Anniversary Edition Provides 360-Degree Views

(Posted on Jan 24, 2021 at 07:00AM by Darby Riales)

2021 mazda3 100th anniversary edition for sale in bc canadaIf you end up in parking garages and crowded lots frequently, then you need a car that proactively helps to avoid fender benders. The 2021 Mazda3 100th Anniversary Edition does that and so much more.

With the standard 360-degree camera system, you will be able to access a view of your surroundings before you move. You can see the sides and the rear, which lessens your chances of bumping into another vehicle. If you get too close, an audible chime will signal you to stop.

Want to try it out? Contact August Mazda to schedule a test drive today!