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2020 mazda mx5 miata for sale kelowna bcHigh-performance no longer belongs the track. It’s instead meant for the highway - with Mazda delivering the 2020 MX-5 Miata to Kelowna. This four-cylinder roadster proves ready to thrill, with its segment-shattering engine accepting no compromises. Perfection is the only goal… and it’s achieved.

According to Motor One, the new MX-5 will impress every rally fan. Peek beneath its hood - if you dare - and discover a 2.0L engine. This 16-valve block yields up to 188 HP (compared to the previous generation’s 155 HP) and 151 lb.-ft of torque. A chain-driven dual overhead cam system assures seamless sequencing, while the available six-speed Sport automatic transmission allows for nimble handling. The distributor-less ignition maximizes voltage; and the inclusion of SKYACTIV technology further delights, promising higher compression ratios (13:1) and an advanced control module to improve gear transitions.

The 2020 MX-5 will shatter all speed records - but, fear not, its robust engine suite won’t wreak havoc on your wallet. This Mazda ride ensures impressive economy, earning up 7.0L/KM on the highway and 9.0L/KM in the city.

Craving high-adrenaline this season? Take a ride in the new MX-5 Miata.