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Don’t stop at stopping.
i-Eloop is a unique regenerative braking system that creates electricity from wasted energy when you slow down. Unlike conventional systems that use a battery, i-Eloop uses a capacitor to store energy to help power electrical features. The result: improved fuel economy.
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mazda i-eloop brake system kelowna bc
100% Engine Power
Usually, about 10% of an engine’s output powers electrical systems. With i-eloop regenerative brake system, 100% of the engine’s power can be used for propulsion – for better fuel economy.
mazda i-eloop brake system kelowna bc
Saving Engine Power
The i-eloop regenerative braking system stores kinetic energy created during deceleration. The stored energy is then used to power the vehicle’s electrical systems – saving engine power for driving.
mazda e-loop braking system kelowna bc
Ingenious Gas Saver
Imagine a brake system that actually saves you gas. Mazda did. The i-Eloop regenerative braking system is an ingenious gas saver by allowing energy from gas to power vehicle propulsion only, rather than being wasted on powering the vehicle’s electrical system.

Experience it yourself

Discover all the benefits of i-eloop.


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