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Achieving The Impossible In BC: The August Family Foundation

Community is our cornerstone. Since 2015 the August Family Foundation has sought to provide hope to the BC region, hosting a series of events in the Okanagan Valley. Our team - led by Matt August, Michelle August, and Brian and Irene August - believes in the power of good works; and we try to bring this philosophy to those most in need.

Through our annual events - which include the Cars and Toys Drive and the Okanagan Dream Rally - we’ve proudly served all of BC. Our goal has been (and will always remain) to help local organizations in their quests to provide compassionate care for children and their families.
The Cars and Toys Drive
Established in 2016, this fundraiser helps to bring joy to children across BC during the holiday season, with participants donating toys to the KGH Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, Mamas for Mamas, and other worthy organizations. Through the efforts of our local community, we're able to provide smiles to those who deserve it most.
The Okanagan Dream Rally
Founded in 2016, this event allows boys and girls in need to experience the thrill of exotic sports cars, letting them slip into the passenger seat. They'll then take part in a procession of more than 200 vehicles that winds its way through the Valley (from Kelowna to Penticton). This provides unforgettable memories and undeniable fun.

Raising Awareness In BC: The August Family Foundation

When we launched the August Family Foundation there were two goals to achieve. The first was to give back to the community that we love, raising awareness for BC charities and inspiring others to join us in our cause. We wanted to celebrate the people of Okanagan.

The second goal proved far more challenging - with our team seeking to raise $1,000,000 within a five-year span. From 2015 to 2020 we wished to generate enough donations to propel local organizations forward, allowing them to better serve families. It was a momentous task and we (along with our sponsoring partners) organized a series of events to meet the demand.

We succeeded.

As of 2020 the August Family Foundation has raised $1,643,000 - all because of the generous response of the Okanagan Valley community. We are deeply grateful for your dedication and support; and we know that your efforts will continue to help this project flourish.

Thank you.


Upcoming Local Charity Events In BC

Visit this page often to receive announcements about our upcoming events - including the Cars and Toys Drive and the Okanagan Dream Rally - and don't hesitate to contact our team to learn how you can participate. 

Local Charity Events In BC

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